3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Equals A Fitness Center Treadmill!

As well it should be – with a price tag upwards of 3 grand USD – otherwise known as $3K – or, 30 “C” notes – or, $3,000.

This is a commercial grade machine – designed for both residential and commercial use – with warranties covering each scenario.

3G Cardio Elite Runner 4 CHP - 386 lbs - years of use

For home use, the frame and motor fall under a full lifetime warranty – with a 10-year parts warranty – and a 2-year labor warranty.

For use in a fitness center, the warranty for the frame, motor, and parts is 5 years – with a 1-year labor warranty.

This 386 pound rock-solid treadmill is rated for fitness buffs weighing up to 400 pounds.

However, the weight limit should be scrutinized – and lowered by 25% for running.  Meaning – a hefty runner shouldn’t weigh more than 300 pounds.  Of course, not too many 300+ pound folks do much running anyway, do they?  For them, it’s a major accomplishment to just briskly walk – or slowly jog – unless their extra baggage is dispersed over a much taller frame.


The Accoutrements Are Impressive

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner comes standard with holders for water bottles and iPads / iPhones / tablets – as well as a cooling fan, a sound system, and a chest strap for monitoring heart rate.

This is truly a super heavy-duty piece of exercise equipment – with an extra large frame made sturdy using thick, powder coated, steel tubing – covered with scratch and corrosion resistant paint.

The bulk of this treadmill’s weight – 386 pounds – resides in the platform – making it too heavy to employ a folding mechanism.  This translates into a fervent need to map out the space where this monster will permanently reside – since moving it more than a few feet after it is assembled is not an easy task.  Make sure to add at least several feet of clearance space on all sides of this machine’s 7 feet long and 3 feet wide footprint – with 3 or 4 feet of space at the rear.

NOTE:  Adding 3 or 4 feet at the back end of the treadmill makes it easier to get on and off the platform.  Which means your exercise room should be at least 10 to 11 feet long to give you breathing room.

Even though there are wheels in the front, they are only used for inclining the platform.  Don’t use them to maneuver the equipment.

A powerful 4.0 CHP motor – providing speeds up to 12 mph (19.3 km/h) – adjustable in small increments – typically draws no more than 10 to 12 amps – much lower than its 15 amp rating.

3G Cardio Elite Runner - uphill incline to 15%3G Cardio Elite Runner - orthopedic belt easy on feet and knees.

The belt, itself is a whopping 5 feet, 2 inches long – with a width that is just 2 inches short of 2 feet.  This provides an overabundance of room for the longest runner strides imaginable!  Plus, this treadmill belt uses special orthopedic cushioning to minimize foot shock that can be experienced when running on the street – so, the common runner’s injury, known as the infamous shin splint, becomes a rare occurrence.

The incline feature provides up to a 15% uphill grade.

NOTE:  For using the maximum incline angle, tall runners on this equipment should ensure that they have enough headspace –if the room only has 8 foot ceilings.  For safety, add a foot-and-a-half clearance to your height – to make sure you don’t go banging your head against the ceiling as you run.

3G Cardio Elite Runner - control panel

The control panel displays time, speed, and distance – as well as incline angle, calories burned, program settings, and heart rate.

NOTE:  Though grabbing the heart rate handles can give you a quick check to see if you are keeping your workout in the fat burning zone, an included wireless chest strap offers more accurate, real-time feedback.

Not only are there eight workout programs available – that automatically control incline and speed – you can also create your own programs to personalize your workout experience.


Additional Amenities

At the risk of repeating myself, some of the extra perks are…

3G Cardio Elite Runner - adjustable speed fan

  • An adjustable speed fan to cool you off when you get too hot and sweaty.
  • An iPad / iPhone / tablet holder – and holders for water bottles and other accessories.
  • A speaker system that can be hooked up to an MP3 player, iPad, iPhone, or tablet. You can talk to your sister, the nun – as you run – pardon the pun!


Putting the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Together

It takes at least 2 strong, burly folks to get all the parts into the designated exercise room – and complete the assembly – since this is one heavy contraption!  Don’t even start to connect all the parts together until it’s in the room you want it to live in.  Moving it to another room will require you to take it apart first – just to be able to transport it.  This is a heavy bugger!

Follow the assembly instructions – to the letter.

The platform is already intact – requiring no more than some minor belt adjustments – it at all.  The rest of the parts should be attached in the order explained by the instructions.  Total time to have it ready for you to use should be less than an hour – from start to finish.  If you don’t feel you are very handy with tools, professional assembly is available.


Fans Of The 3G Elite Runner Speak Out!

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

“This is a quality treadmill and 3G Cardio stands behind it.”

“Initially, I felt that this treadmill was too expensive.  But, I now see that, due to the heavy construction and well designed parts, it was well worth the money!”

“A few months ago, we purchased the 3G Cardio Elite Runner and, we couldn’t be happier.  It is quieter than expected and there is no shaking.”

“After thorough research, I settled on the 3G Cardio Elite Runner.  It turned out to be one of the wisest choices I’ve ever made!  I have been extremely impressed!  There are smaller, less expensive treadmills out there but, I know the quality is much less, too.”

“Worth every penny.”3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill - I love this machine!

“I so love this machine!  I do wish, though, that the workout could be paused indefinitely since sometimes I may have to interrupt my workout for a time.  When you pause it, you have to resume the workout within a few minutes.  Otherwise, all your data is cleared and you start over.”

“I can’t recommend this product highly enough and, I give it two thumbs up!”

“This treadmill is as good if not better than most treadmills I’ve used at the gym or YMCA.”

“I started using this treadmill when I was close to 390 pounds and in a year, it has helped me drop over 100 pounds.  What a great tool for losing weight and toning my body!”

“This is the best treadmill I’ve ever owned and, I’ve owned a lot of them!”

“The 3G Cardio Elite Runner saved me money in the long run because I was able to cancel my gym membership.  Who needs a commercial gym when you have one in your own home?  Besides I was mostly just using their treadmill anyway.”

“If you’re looking for a high quality treadmill at the best value, this is the one for you!”

“Not only does the treadmill’s deck cushion my feet to protect them from injury, I also don’t have issues with my knees anymore since I started using it.”


“A Runner’s Dream Machine!”

That’s what 3G Cardio calls it!  And, they are quite right in their assessment!  For the enthusiastic fitness buff or the newbie beginner, you can’t go wrong with the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill!


Make Your 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Feel Right At Home

Give it a quality, protective floor mat – that will add stability, noise dampening, and protect your floors!


Make Your Feet Smile, Too!

Good running shoes are essential to a successful workout!


Any 3G Owners Out There?

Do you have a 3G Cardio Elite Runner – or another comparable treadmill – that you would like to share your thoughts about?  Comment below or email me: noah@apathtoabetterlife.com.

Head over to Treadmill Reviews – The Best For Less to see more great choices available!



Lookin’ on the lightside!


6 thoughts on “3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review

  1. Kaju Reply

    I really like your review of the 3G Cardio Elite Runner, and having the video really was very helpful, Noah.

    This was a very thorough review. Thank You!


  2. Aly Reply

    This is a serious looking piece of equipment. It’s quite an investment, but the lengthy warranty means that it will still be working for many years… so the monthly cost could work out to be less than the cost of a gym membership. Plus having it at home would be much more convenient than waiting on a machine at the gym. 

    It’s great to see so many features packed on as well – a cooling fan is very helpful – but not something that I normally find on home treadmill models! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Aly,

      Treadmills don’t get much more serious than this one!  And, I can see that you’ve done your cost benefit analysis and realized that – even though it comes with a premium price – it also comes with a premium warranty – which, when averaged over time, is still so much less expensive than a fitness center membership.

      The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill has just about every bell and whistle available for these machines.  Once you own one, all you have to do is use it regularly to reap the benefits!


  3. Ibrahim Reply

    I have a treadmill myself, but its very small.  I can actually fit it into my car, but it would be nice to have this one once I get a bigger house.

    I actually laughed when you said 400lb people don’t do much running and can’t use this treadmil yet.  It made me think that they actually have to lose weight on their own before they can lose weight using the treadmill.  Is that irony?  Maybe a catch-22 would be closer.  Anyway,  If they’re determined, they can make it happen. 

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Ibrahim,

      It is hard for me to imagine a viable, effective treadmill that is small enough to fit in a car – a van or pickup truck maybe.  But a car?  That’s a new one on me!

      Actually, the weight I used was 300 pounds as a limit to use this treadmill effectively.  But, someone who weighs 400 pounds definitely should be looking at serious portion control using some bento boxes or something – and do some aerobic and anaerobic exercising to drop a good portion of their massive frame – in order to get the most out of this equipment – that’s for sure!


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