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James Beam - A Path To A Better Life

I am Noah – but, I don’t have any arks to sell today!

I’ve been around the block a few more times than I care to admit.  I haven’t “seen it all” – but, it takes a real whopper these days to surprise me.

Like every other two-legged biped, I’ve been through most of the ups and downs that life can throw atcha – and, I’m still alive and kickin’.  That is mostly because I’ve learned to adapt – and change with the times.

In “A Path To A Better Life”, I will explore anything and everything that most of us have experienced – our triumphs – things that didn’t work out so well – and ways to come out on top of the heap.


What Types of Stuff Will We Discover?

Come along with me as I explore a ton of subjects – including – but not limited to:

  • Careers: What do we want to be when we grow up?  Do we ever really wanna grow up?  What makes us happy?
  • Different Points of View: Wendy, a lovely lady friend of mine, may pop in from time to time to offer a feminine perspective.  Plus, every so often we’ll feature a guest writer – giving their take on some topics under discussion.
  • Health: Physical and mental issues – exercises – weight loss – weight gain.  Plus a couple of very important subtopics – hygiene and personal care.Humor and laughter found in A Path To A Better Life
  • Humor: Nothing like keepin’ things light – so we don’t get too bogged down in the serious minutia of our daily existence.
  • Nutrition: What foods and drinks to put in our body – and what not to put in there.  This brings to mind an old adage, “All things – in moderation.”
  • Organization: Ways to beautify our life, our home (inside and out), and some simple repairs and installations that we can all do to improve our environment.  Remember, if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!
  • Pets: Cats and dogs and what they give us – both good – and, not so good.  What they do for us – and what we should be doing for them.
  • Recreation: Things to do that break up the daily routine and keep us from falling into a rut.  I’m talking vacation trips to far off places – hobbies – and ideas to keep from being bored in our free time.
  • Relationships: We’ll look at all types of bonding – marriage, dating, family, friends, acquaintances, etc.  And other folks who don’t fit into any of these categories.  We all have some of these last types of characters in our lives, don’t we?
  • Stories: Past and present yarns from yours truly that will give you a peek into some of the unique events that have shaped my outlook and personality – and kept me on the right trail.  In addition, you’ll find a smattering of accounts and anecdotes that I will share from other folks who have noteworthy things to say – family, friends, and neighbors – to name a few.
  • Supplemental Income: Ways for us to make an extra buck or two.  That’s always a good thing!


Wrapping Up

I’ll be looking at purt near everything that helps keep us on the path – to a better life.  That’s what we all want, isn’t it?  We want to find our feet, settle in, and positively adjust to the craziness that surrounds us.

If anyone out there in internet land has a question, a resolution, a suggestion, a tale to tell, or just want to voice an opinion – don’t hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me an email at

So, let’s get crankin’ – and git ‘er done!


Lookin’ on the lightside!

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