Apple Watch Series 4 Review

The Apple Watch Series 4 Has It All!

Head and shoulders above all the others – including the Apple Watch Series 3 – the Apple Watch Series 4 has dotted every “ i ” and crossed every “t” that you can think of!

Besides tracking every possible exercise routine – be it on land – on the sea – or in the air – this superbly designed fitness gadget tracks your health in real time.


Need A Heart Sensor?

Everyone involved in fitness wants to make sure that their heart stays in the “working zone” – to maximize the benefits from a good workout.

But, isn’t it also prudent to make sure your heart doesn’t exceed that level – or start to beat erratically?

Enter the Series 4 heart sensor.

Apple Watch Series 4 - checking heart rateApple Watch Series 4 - optical and electrical sensorsApple Watch Series 4 - digital crown electrical sensor

There are 2 of them.

Apple Watch Series 4 - normal heart rhythm

One is optical – for a quick check on your heart rate – and, it has been a standard feature of these Apple watches from the “get go.”

The second one is an electrical heart sensor.  By pressing the digital crown – electrodes in the crown complete a circuit from your finger – through your heart –to electrodes on the backside of the watch as it is strapped to your wrist.  Using a special app, the watch can also generate an ECG – electro-cardiogram – that you can send to your doctor, if necessary.

You can get notifications for low or high heart rate – and whether there is a normal (Sinus heart rhythm) – or an AFib (irregular heart rhythm).



Help In Emergencies


Apple Watch Series 4 - Emergency SOS

If you fall down while exercising, the watch senses it and will ask you if you are “OK” – or, if it needs to send out an Emergency SOS for help!

This is the modern answer to, “I’ve fallen – and I can’t get up!”  Remember that one?


Detects Workouts AutomaticallyApple Watch Series 4 - functions on display

The Apple Watch Series 4 can automatically detect when you start your workout – and, when you stop your workout.  Additionally, you can choose to monitor up to 5 metrics such as duration, distance, heart rate, calories burned, time, speed, etc.

Get competitive with fitness buddies and compare your improvements with their improvements.  Make a friendly contest out of working out.  Who is gonna win?  This is a good way to motivate and inspire – to reach greater heights and fitness goals!


Stay In Touch

Communicate through the Apple Watch Series 4.  Use it as a walkie-talkie.  Make and answer phone calls and messages.  Play music and podcasts.

You’ll never get lost on any trail or path – thanks to the built-in GPS system.


Long Battery Life

A charged battery can last a whopping 18 hours!  So, you can wear it all day – every day.


Improvements Over The Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 4 - sleeker and slimmer

  • The case has a sleeker and slimmer design.
  • The display is over 30% larger.
  • The speaker is 50% louder.
  • There is a 64 bit dual-core S4 processor – making it twice as fast as the S3 processor in the Series 3 model.
  • Double the memory – at 16GB.
  • The optical heart sensor has been upgraded – and, a bonus electrical heart sensor, capable of performing an ECG, has been added.
  • Fall detection is a new improvement – and made possible by an enhanced accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • The Series 4 is not only waterproof – but, “swim proof”, too! You can’t kill this one by “deep six-ing it!”


Braggin’ Buyers Say…

Apple Watch Series 4 - What Buyers Say?

“The Apple Watch Series 4 is amazing!  I have been overjoyed with my purchase.”

“I upgraded from a Series 1 and I totally love my Series 4!”

“Excellent call clarity.  I can text and email even when my phone is not close by.”

“The larger display is much brighter and more vivid.”

“I am very pleased with this watch.  I’m finding new ways to use it all the time!”

“This watch is a pleasure to use while jogging.  I can leave my phone at home and still be connected in case of an emergency!”

“This Series 4 watch is the best smart watch money can buy!”

“My watch alerted me to an irregular heartbeat – Afib.  I went to the doctor for testing and found out that I did indeed have an atrial fibrillation.  The watch was correct!”


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a smart fitness tracker, the Apple Watch Series 4 is just about the smartest and most versatile one on the market today.  It not only will check all fitness progress – but, it will monitor your health and ensure that you don’t get bogged down with unexpected heart related health issues.

You just can’t beat it!

I would enjoy hearing from any Apple Watch customers in the comments below or by email:

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Lookin’ On The Lightside!

4 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 4 Review

  1. Barbara Reply

    I really liked your review on this watch, and I would also like to get that for myself one day when I get enough money, but I will share this with my friends and see if they are interested in the watch themselves. Thanks again for your review and I will be getting back on your website soon.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Barbara,

      The Apple Series 4 watch is truly a remarkable piece that can give you everything you want in a pedometer and a whole bunch more!

      Some of my compadres have already purchased one – and, they couldn’t be happier!  I’m sure it will be the same with you and your circle of acquaintances!

      There are lots of other choices to be found at Get The Best Pedometer – A Great Exercise Motivator!


  2. Shan Reply

    Thanks for the in depth review of the Apple Watch Series 4. My daughter raves about all things Apple and has her heart set on this watch but before I invest in one, I wanted to research. Your review was very helpful to me.

    I heard a presentation on NPR discussing how the heart rate features on these devices work using colored light that goes through the skin that could make it difficult for it to monitor those with darker skin accurately. Do you know anything about the monitor on this particular device?

    Overall this watch sounds absolutely amazing and I can see why my daughter is so dead set on getting one. Thanks again for all the details!

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Apple Watch’s optical heart sensor uses photoplethysmography – a really large, complicated term that means it uses LED lights – combined with photo-diodes to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist.  It accomplishes this task using green lights that are absorbed by the red blood – and skin color variances do not impede its performance.

      Now, if your blood is green – that’s another story.  The green light would be reflected and the optical sensor wouldn’t work.  But, only Vulcans in Star Trek have green blood – to my knowledge.



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