Collagen – Making Us Look Young

Collagen – The Main Protein In Our Body

Collagen is everywhere inside us – from our bones, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels – to our teeth, muscles, and skin.

This marvelous “body glue” is present in our skin as a thick under layer – giving our skin its durability, endurance, and elasticity.

It is the very thing that makes us look young and vibrant!

But, nothing lasts forever.


As We Age…

Collagen under epidermis with wrinkles.

Slowly – over time – from about the age of 20 – our body produces approximately one percent less collagen each year – for the rest of our life.  That means the collagen layer under our skin gets a little thinner as time goes on – and, eventually, when that layer has flattened out enough, those nasty wrinkles start to form.

By the time we hit 30 years old, many of us will start to notice that our skin isn’t as supple, soft, and flexible as it used to be.  We may notice the beginning of those dreaded wrinkles – maybe even a few age spots.  One day, we will look in the mirror and experience the horror of seeing wrinkles – normally starting around the eyes – that would be those nasty little crow’s feet!

Young hands lots of collagen - old hands not so much collagen.

Other factors that can kill collagen production include smoking and unprotected sun exposure.  Heavy smokers and people who work outside all the time may begin to look 60 by the time they are mid-40.  So, don’t smoke!  And, always – but always – use a high SPF sunscreen – 50 or greater – to protect your skin.

And, for goodness sakes – minimize your intake of refined and simple carbohydrates – including sugar, refined grain, white bread, pasta, white flour and rice, sweet desserts, and most of those non-filling breakfast cereals.  They are famous for causing inflammation and damaging collagen.


My Sunscreen Choices

I note here – two brands of sunscreen – that are great measures to protect skin from premature aging, wrinkles, and the possibilities of the early onset of skin cancer.

Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen LotionBanana Boat Ultra Sport Sunscreen Lotion








Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion:  This skin protector is rated at 70 SPF – and it becomes waterproof in a little less than 90 minutes.

Banana Boat Ultra Sport Sunscreen Lotion:  Rated at 100 SPF, this sunscreen is made for the active outdoors.

Both of these products give broad spectrum protection – from both UVA and UVB rays – which are the culprits that will age your skin fast and start producing skin cancers before you know it.  Additionally, they are not greasy and add essential moisture to skin to keep it from drying out.


Foods That Help To Replenish Collagen Naturally



Beans, beans, the musical fruit - great for amino acids.

This “musical fruit” is high in protein – and also high in amino acids used for collagen creation.  Plus, since they are mineral rich – with collagen producing nutrients like copper – it is a no-brainer to add them to our diet.

Baked beans anyone?  How about some black-eyed peas?  I also like an occasional dose of bean soup!

All this talk about food is making me hungry!



Eggs have a lot of proline - a real collagen booster.

Specifically, egg whites contain a lot of proline – an amino acid needed for your body to produce collagen.



Fruit is high in antioxidants - repair collagen in skin.

The antioxidant, Vitamin C, is vital to collagen production.  Antioxidants will also protect skin from damage.

And, large concentrations of Vitamin C are present in citrus fruits – like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit.  Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries contain a healthy kick of Vitamin C, too!

Are you partial to chomping down on a kiwi – or, a pineapple?  Maybe change it up and slice up some guava or a mango?  They are also great Vitamin C sources!



Garlic is high in sulfur which helps build collagen.

Who doesn’t love a stir fry or some pasta flavored with garlic?  Well, believe it or not, since garlic has a high sulfur content, it helps to prevent collagen breaking down in our body.

Knowing this, I am encouraged to add extra garlic to every dish that calls for it.  Heck, I even add it to a few dishes that don’t list it in the recipe!


Red Meat And Chicken

A lot of collagen in red meat bones and chicken.

Don’t throw away those red meat bones – boil them – and make a beef broth that not only tastes great in homemade slow cooker stews – but, will boost the body’s collagen making, too!

And, those barnyard cluckers are extremely rich in collagen – especially when it comes to their connective tissues.  Many collagen supplements are made using chicken as their source.


NutsCashews are a good source of zinc and copper to help collagen production.

Actually, cashews are the best choice – high in zinc and copper – both of which increase the body’s capacity to create collagen.

Personally, I think walnuts are also a great source.  I like to stick walnuts in salads and a number of other dishes.


Salad GreensSwiss chard has a lot of antioxidants to aid in collagen manufacture.

Leafy greens like spinach, kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, to name a few, not only have a healthy quantity of antioxidants – but, there are some folks who will swear – ‘til the cows come home – that the chlorophyll inherent in these plants promote healthy collagen production in the skin.


SeafoodFish heads, skin, and eyeballs are very high in collagen.

Fish and shelled sea creatures have bones and ligaments that are rife with collagen.  The highest concentrations are in the head, skin, and eyeballs – parts we don’t normally eat.  But, cooking these parts to make a fish broth soup can help boost your collagen levels.



Tomatoes and cucumbers enhance collagen building.

I’m a firm believer in eating home grown veggies to increase my consumption of a range of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals that are essential to enhancing collagen construction.  But, if you’re not privy to a home garden, then, I guess the next best choice is a grocery store that offers up fresh produce.

My go-to selection?

I’m definitely a fan of tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, and cucumbers.  There are many others – but, these are my top 4 – for sure!


The Low Down On Collagen Supplements

For those folks who are always on the go – eating fast food – and just grabbing anything they can – on the run – to keep from starving – it might be wise to keep some hydrolyzed collagen on hand and mix up a glass or two with lemonade or in a smoothie each day to fight the aging effects of collagen depletion.

Some of the most effective products I’ve found are:

Vital Proteins Collagen PeptidesSports Research Collagen Peptides Powder






Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides:  Easily absorbed quickly by the body for maximum benefit, this collagen supplement will improve hair, skin, nails, joints, ligaments, tendons – should I go on?  The powder dissolves easily with almost no residue – in cold or hot liquids.  Add it to coffee, tea, juices, or smoothies.  You can even add it to desserts, oatmeal, soups, and sauces.

Neocell Super Collagen+c

Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder:  This collagen powder works the same as the Vital Proteins product.  It can be enjoyed in warm or cold water.  To keep it from clumping in cold water – initially mix it in room temperature water before adding ice.  Certified by the Paleo & Keto Foundation – and made from cows.  Sports Research offers a 90 day guarantee – so, if you don’t see any improvement, return the product and get your money back.

If you don’t even have time to mix a collagen drink, opt for some pills like Neocell Super Collagen+c – and you can just pop one or two to get the collagen thickening process started.  With added Vitamin C, this Neocell product fully supports collagen formation to help you look younger – have healthier hair and nails – and feel better about yourself.  NOTE: These pills are best taken on an empty stomach.


Topical Collagen Creams And Lotions

Let me first say that even though I’ve found some great collagen creams and lotions that may markedly reduce wrinkles and smooth out your skin, the effects are only a temporary fix because, the molecules of the solutions are normally too large to penetrate the skin’s pores to help rebuild the underlying collagen.

With that in mind, here are some excellent recommendations for a short-term skin repair job!

ST QANON Facial EssenceL’amore Beauty Collagen Retinol Cream






ST QANON Facial Essence:  St. Qanon says that this is a firming cream that has the ability to repair damaged skin and be absorbed all the way to the derma layer – which is underneath the collagen region – making the skin look younger.  It contains hydrolyzed collagen and, as it hydrates the skin, it reduces wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic, brightens skin tone, and makes it smooth.  They say that they have been able to reduce the size of the active ingredient molecules to make them easier to be absorbed by the skin.

London & Grant - Natural & Organic Collagen Face Moisturizer

L’amore Beauty Collagen Retinol Cream:  Put this cream around the eyes and on the face, neck, and exposed portions of the upper chest to help restore the skin to youthful beauty through firming and toning – and stimulating collagen growth at the cellular level.  Not only does L’amore tout the cream’s ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, it also reduces and / or eliminates those ugly age spots.

London & Grant – Natural & Organic Collagen Face Moisturizer:  Say, “bye, bye” to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.  Say “hello” to a younger looking skin that has been repaired, replenished, and regenerated.  The addition of an aloe leaf juice promotes skin hydration – increasing skin elasticity.  Just a dab will do ya – turning tough skin into a soft, fresh, and youthful look!


The Collagen Conclusion

Bottom line – the best way to protect your skin – and extend its youthful and fresh appearance – is to eat right, live right, and stay away from anything that will contaminate you!  Then, when all else fails, add some supplements and creams to keep those other folks thinking you are 20 years younger than you actually are!

Comments and emails to are more than just welcomed – they are prized!  So, get with it – and give me a shout!  I’d love to hear from y’all!



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12 thoughts on “Collagen – Making Us Look Young

  1. Michel Reply

    I had no idea egg white helped with the production of collagen. We certainly learn something new every day. After reading this article I am definitely going to up my intake of eggs, beans and vitamin C.

    I often wonder if it is really necessary to take a collagen supplement and does it really help fight wrinkles? It makes sense, but does our body absorb it in the proper fashion?

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Michel,

      It was surprising for me to learn which food products can boost our collagen regeneration!

      And, the easily absorbable collagen supplements can add an additional boost – since we don’t always eat “collagen helping” foods.

      Plus, the more collagen our body produces – the fewer wrinkles we will have.

      Makes sense, doesn’t it?


  2. Chloe Reply

    The importance of protein in the body of an individual cannot be over emphasized just as this post has made it clear to us all. There are so many people who are smokers out there and who do not know the effects of the cigarettes and sun on the body and would suffer from a lack of collagen later on in the future.

    I am really pleased you took the time to publish this wonderful and complete post for everyone to learn from. Starting from the solutions and most importantly a natural means of helping the situation using food. It’s really nice being here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Chloe,

      If smokers only realized how much effect their habit has on their own aging process – maybe, they would be more willing to curtail – or at least minimize – their consumption of cigarettes.  But, alas, I doubt it.  Nicotine is a highly addictive drug.

      And, since they will probably choose to keep on doing what they’re doing – it is so much more important for them to add the right foods and supplements in an attempt to counteract the disastrous consequences of their dependency.


  3. Willy Reply

    This is not just a helpful post but also an educative article. Everyone wants to look fresh and look 16 at 50, this can only be achieved by eating right and living right in all times. Many times I have been conscious about staying in sun because of how detrimental I know it is to the skin. I am very glad I’m reading this article because I have really learnt a lot of things which I didn’t know before. I would love to purchase one of those collagen peptides.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Willy,

      Taking the collagen supplements are smart steps toward helping our body produce more collagen and keeping us younger looking – which in turn makes us feel younger!

      You can’t go wrong using any of the products listed in the article.  These enhancements are extremely beneficial to a healthy looking body!


  4. Russ Green Reply

    I like this post because it not only explains the benefits of collagen but also lists the correct foods to eat that replenish collagen naturally as well as the collagen supplements.

    Too often we see adverts for various products and items that are beneficial to our health but are only trying to sell the specific supplement.

    When I was younger I never really paid too much attention to the aging process, but as we start to get older we all start taking much more notice, so thank you for sharing this post.

    I will eat more of these recommended foods from now on and I may also buy the supplements that you have recommended.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Russ,

      The supplements are just what they are – “extra ways to boost collagen.”  The most important strategy is to eat the right foods – then use the supplements to give it that added kick!

      When we’re young and vibrant, most of us never take the time to consider whether or not our actions will cause issues in our twilight years.  We consider ourselves immortal – and immune to the consequences of destructive behaviors.


  5. Charles Reply

    Thank you so much for this informative article. You have provided great insights into the function of collagen. I never knew collagen performed this much of a function in our body.

    I think I like your review of the Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion. I will share this post with my partner. She will surely find these products useful for her skin.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Charles,

      I’m sure these collagen supplements and creams would be not only beneficial for your partner – but also for you – if you have reached the age where wrinkles and thin skin are becoming more predominant.

      Maybe you should both use the products together – and see which one of you becomes the most youthful in appearance!


  6. Hollie Rose Reply

    Great post on collagen. I think many people don’t realize just how vital it is to look after ourselves properly. It affects everything about us. Educating people is so important and you have done a great job at that.

    No one wants wrinkles, yet so few people look for the cause of it, instead, they just run for botox. By concentrating on preventing our collagen from decreasing we can prevent heartache in the future!

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Hollie,

      The average cost for a Botox treatment is between $500 and $600.  And, it only lasts from 3 to 6 months.

      So, just to be frugal and smart – it would behoove us to opt for a better, cheaper, and long lasting route to combat the wrinkles – eating the right food – choosing the right lifestyle – and using the right supplements and creams.

      Sounds so much like commonsense, doesn’t it?


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