Cool Christmas Gifts For 2019

We Are All Lookin’ For Some Cool Christmas Gifts This Year!

Santa delivering cool Christmas gifts in 2019.

Every year it gets harder and harder to buy just the right Christmas gift for your relatives and friends.  It seems like most of the offerings out there are cliché – or, just downright boring or dumb.

Well, here is a compilation of some cool Christmas Gifts that are not only unique but also are guaranteed to get you appreciated – without being excessively damaging to your wallet.

As you browse through these wonders of the modern age, you are sure to find just the right gift for everyone on your list!


Language Translators

If you know someone who plans on visiting a foreign country, they would be ecstatic to have the best and most modern portable language translation device to carry along with them!

Well, here are two of the best language translators available.  Each of them can give real-time translation – for over a hundred languages in the blink of an eye – with a 98% accuracy!

Mortentr – This brand is the highest rated language translator on the market today.

Birgus –This translator is a close second in ratings – and, the company has a wealth of experience designing the most efficient, easy to use, and effective translators.

Once that global traveler on your list gets one of these super duper language translators, they will have much more confidence as they explore over 200 supported countries around the world!


FitTrack Digital Scale

Is someone on your gift list trying to lose weight?  Well, I bet that there are a bunch of folks you know that are trying to drop at least a few pounds – and, probably more!  As dieters go, they all want to know as much about their body’s makeup as possible – far beyond just how many pounds they’ve lost – or gained – in their quest for a shrinking body.

Enter, the FitTrack Digital Scale:

The FitTrack Digital Scale can keep track of up to 8 users – and measure 17 different parameters like body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, obesity level, and hydration – to name a few.

Most weight scales are limited to only slightly hefty folks no heavier than 250 to 300 pounds.  But, the FitTrack Digital Scale handles users up to a whopping 400 pounds!

Statistics can be kept on your Smartphone so that progress can be easily tracked.


Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Trouble sleeping???

Have no fear!  Dodow is here.

This miraculous and ingenious device can be useful for the young and the old in combating sleeplessness due to the many factors that keep us awake – negative thoughts, stress, and even chronic insomnia.

The metronome-like lighting system helps to slow breathing naturally – leading to a quicker, more relaxing trip to dreamland!  You’ll be sleeping in half the time – believe it or not!

Get to sleep!  Faster!  With the Dodow Sleep Aid Device!  Wake up with a refreshing vigor that only a good night’s sleep can give you!


Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

Who doesn’t want shimmering white teeth?  I know I do!

Mobil White has an advanced teeth whitening kit that will whiten the most tainted teeth – and, will give everyone a reason to put a big ole smile on their face – once again!

Add some whitening gel to the mouthpiece, plug the device into your Smartphone, and whiten your teeth anywhere – even while driving down the highway!  In a few weeks, those yellow teeth will be a blinding bright white!

Mobil White offers a lifetime supply of whitening gel so, you’ll never run out!

Everyone can benefit from the Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit!  The modern path to a dazzling set of chompers!


Xtra PC Pro

In this day and age, everyone has one – or two – or more – old computers and laptops lying around that are either completely dead – or, are soooooooo ssss-llll-oooo-wwww that they make you appreciate the “quickness” (?) of getting ketchup out of a newly opened bottle!  We all know how slow that can be!

But, now, there is a product that will fix these outdated PC clunkers – Xtra PC Pro!

This is an amazing advance in technology that uses a Linux operating system – which is incredibly fast – almost instantaneous – as compared to any Windows operating system.

The Xtra PC Pro will work on any desktop, laptop, or netbook – to turn previously super slow computing performance into blazing speed!  It can supersede operating systems as old as Windows XP, too!

Now, who wouldn’t want that?  I can’t think of anyone!  Can you?


Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

For that person who loves to throw parties, give them a real crowd pleaser – a pair of Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers!

These speakers look and appear just like real Tiki torches – with LED lights that look like real flames.  And, they easily sync to your Smartphone for playing any song you want.  They are right at home whether they are placed indoors or outdoors.

Having a party?  Then, you’ll definitely want a set of these Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers joining in to add some ambience to the fun!



Ever get frustrated trying to clip your fingernails and toenails?  I know that I do!  Performing this task becomes a fumbling bumbling faux pas of futility as the clippers repeatedly pop out of my fingers.

So, why not toss all those old clippers in the trash?  It’s beyond belief that manufacturers have never changed their design for decades!  Operating these unwieldy tools – using only a thumb and a finger – to cut your nails – is just not natural – as the clippers squirt out of your grip – sometimes flying across the room!

The lightweight plastic handle of the CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper lies in the palm of your hand – instead of between your fingers – giving a greatly improved grip – and, allowing for a more accurate cut – using a whole lot less squeezing pressure.

Senior citizens who suffer from arthritis would especially love a gift like this – and, many of them initially develop joint pain starting first in the thumb and fingers – working its way up the arms and legs through other joints.

The cutting head of the CLIPPERPRO rotates up to 180 degrees – so, it is much easier to trim your nails without bending your wrist into untold awkward positions.

Just about everyone on your Xmas list would cherish a pair of CLIPPERPRO Nail Clippers!

Cool Christmas Gifts for 2019


Don’t you think that these gifts are absolutely amazing?  These listings could cover every last person on anyone’s Christmas list – and make you the standout giver of unique and unusual cool Christmas gifts for Xmas 2019!

What do you think?  Comment below or email me about it,



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10 thoughts on “Cool Christmas Gifts For 2019

  1. Ann Reply

    Hey. This is a nice post to keep handy. I have bookmarked it. Thanks.

    I really liked the FitTrack Digital Scale and the mobile white advanced teeth whitening kit. I want these for me, LOL.

    I also thought of purchasing Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers for a dear friend.

    I’m a bit of a compulsive buyer. I started looking for a gift for my friend and I ended up buying two things for me. LOL

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Ann,

      Those are some good choices for everyone on your Xmas list – including yourself!

      Merry Christmas!


  2. Pentrental Reply

    I am definitely on the lookout for cool Christmas gifts and I can say you’ve provided some excellent examples here. I especially like the language translators as I do know a few travelers who would really appreciate these. Also, I really like the Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers for an outdoor pool scene. These indeed will make for excellent gifts and I have bookmarked your links for when it’s soon time to order. Thanks for the great recommendations!

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Glad I was able to give you a few ideas for completing your Christmas list!

      Have a very, Merry Christmas!


  3. Rodarrick Reply

    Great post you have here and I must say that I found this very helpful. In all honesty, seeing this here gives me the feeling that I will be the only one that will give the unique gift among my family members. Rather great one and I’m enthusiastic to see the look on my family members faces when I give these out to them.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      I’m sure you will be the life of the party when your family gets these gifts!

      Have a safe and Merry Christmas!


  4. Darwin R Reply

    I have used many fit track products and all have been unsuccessful. After reviewing FitTrack Dara im going to go ahead and give it a try. I love the simplicity and dynamic features it offers. I’ll write a review again after using this product. Does this product provide you with recommended food and workout plans?

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Darwin,

      Methinks you’ve been acquiring all the wrong FitTrack products – if you’ve been unsuccessful.  But, I also think that you can’t go wrong with this FitTrack Digital Scale!

      Have a safe and Merry Christmas!


  5. Parveen Reply

    Hello Noah, everyone is looking for Christmas gifts. You have selected amazing Christmas gifts. I spend my more time on laptop. So Xtra PC Pro is the best for me. My friend also spend more time on laptop so Xtra PC Pro is also very useful for him. I will buy one for me and other for my friend. All products are useful.

    Thank you


    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Parveen,

      The Xtra PC Pro is the perfect gift for anyone with a computer, laptop, netbook, etc.  I know we all wish our equipment would run much faster.  So, this gift is a no-brainer – even for ourselves!

      Merry Christmas!


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