Dyson Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Having Trouble Finding A Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner That Really Sucks?

I mean “sucks” in a good way – digging down deep into the carpet or the crevices in a hardwood floor – and removing all those tiny bits of dust, pet hair, and debris that get stuck – making them hard to remove. That’s the makings of a quality bagless upright vacuum cleaner!Cheap vacuum cleaners won't do a good job picking up debris from the floor.

Cheap vacuum cleaners like Hoover, Electrolux, Eureka, Dirt Devil, etc., just don’t have the power and stamina to do the job.  I know!  I’ve tried them all!

My Eureka purchase lasted for one day – before, I returned it with pleasure!  It was a “closeout special.”  Now, I know why they were “closing it out.”

The same thing happened with the others – one by one – especially, the Dirt Devil – except that the Dirt Devil lasted about 2 weeks before I drove it back to the store!

Neither the Eureka nor the Dirt Devil could even suck up loose dust bunnies.  What a waste of time and effort!

Vintage hoovers - In the days of old when quality was king.

I used to be a diehard Hoover fan – back when the company headquarters was still in Canton, Ohio, and still owned by the Hoover family.

Then, in 1985, a seemingly endless parade of ownership transitions began.

First, Hoover was purchased by the Chicago Pacific Corporation – which became Maytag.  Twenty-one years later, in 2006, Maytag was purchased by Whirlpool.  Then, that same year, Whirlpool sold Hoover to Techtronic Industries – a Hong Kong based Chinese company.

Thus, for 30+ years – through several ownership changes, the storied “Hoover quality and dependability” continued on a consistent downhill spiral – finally hitting rock bottom shortly after Techtronic’s acquisition.

When I saw the drastic reduction in Hoover vacuum cleaner excellence, I started working my way through alternative brands – looking for one that would do the job for which it was intended – thoroughly sucking up the darn dirt off the floors!!!

A Bit Of Trivia

Back in the year 2000, Hoover was found guilty of patent infringement when they used Dyson’s “dual cyclone” design to create a similar vacuum.  Hoover thought they were being successfully deceptive – since they added a third cyclone – calling it “triple cyclone” – but, the court didn’t quite see it their way and awarded monetary damages to Dyson.

TIPSCordless vacuum cleaners don't have the power or stamina to do the job.

If you prefer to use a cordless vacuum cleaner, stick with Dyson such as the Dyson V10 discussed at the bottom of this post.  Most cordless vacuum cleaners’ suction power is a whole lot less than corded models.  And, their batteries will last only a few minutes at a time – before needing a recharge.  I don’t know about you – but, it takes me a lot longer than a few minutes to vacuum the house!

I’ve had issues with some vacuum cleaners that have retractable cords.  For some reason, the spring-loaded design is not yet perfected – and, in no time at all, you’ll be trying to find a way to unceremoniously wrap the cord around the handle – or fold it up like an extension cord – because, it won’t retract back into its storage position!


Suction Power!

Higher Air Watts (AW) rating means more suction power.

What better way to gauge the abilities of a vacuum cleaner than through a “suction power rating” – measured in “Air Watts” (AW)?

A vacuum cleaner capable of thoroughly cleaning floors, upholstery, blinds, curtains, etc., really needs to generate a suction power rating of 200AW or more – something that the models sitting in the cheap seats have a hard time achieving.

Hoover seems to think that a rating of 80AW to 100AW is sufficient.  I’m here to tell you that, even though this suction level may pick up the loose surface dust and minuscule particles – it is NOT adequate to trap deep seated carpet debris or the flotsam and jetsam that can get jammed between the boards of a hardwood floor – not to mention all the sticky pet hair that cat and dog owners have to deal with.


The Answer?

Dyson is now “the chosen one” in my book – built to last – and designed to be strong enough to suck the fuzz right off a peach!

I have two – count them – two – Dyson vacuum cleaners.  I did say “TWO”, didn’t I?  Of course, I did!


What Sold Me?

Dyson has a self adjusting vacuum head that seals to the floor for greater suction.

A self adjusting vacuum head that seals in suction automatically on all surfaces – whether they be carpet, wood, vinyl linoleum, or tile.

HEPA filtration to capture and trap any bacteria or allergens that get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner.  Plus, the HEPA filters are easily cleaned under a water faucet – then replaced after they are completely dry again.

A push button releases the lower panel – which drops down and allows the dirt container to be easily emptied into a trash can.  No more reaching inside with my bare hands to remove the trash – that can be pretty nasty if you think about it!

Push a button and drop the lower panel to empty the dirt.

Strongest suction of almost any other vacuum cleaner on the market today.  These babies will suck the skin right off a grape!  Just joking – but, I’m here to tell ya that the suction of a Dyson is super duper strong!

Patented “cyclone” technology that increases the suction power and ability to pick up microscopic dust and particles.  And, it’s that unseen infinitesimally minute-sized gook that you breathe in – which plays havoc with your airways.

Easiest of all its competitors to navigate throughout the house.  Using a rolling ball system, slightly twisting your wrist to move the handle left or right sends the Dyson in the direction you want it to go.  It takes a little getting used to – but, once you try it, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to move it across all floor surfaces.

Dyson Flat Out Head Tool.

A low profile makes it a snap to vacuum under end tables, coffee tables, beds, etc., for the most part.  If a farther reach under furniture is needed, Dyson has a “Flat Out Head Tool” attachment that will make the thorough cleaning under low furniture and applicances a very simple task.  Just check to ensure that it will fit your Dyson model.

Additional tools are either included or optionally available to perform other vacuuming tasks – on stairs, furniture, blinds, curtains, etc.

An impressive 5 year warranty on parts and labor!  Most vacuum cleaners offer no more than 1 year.


Why Do I Have Two Vacuum Cleaners?Dyson Animal

The more powerful one – my Dyson Animal – coming in at a whopping 306AW successfully handles the main floor of my house – kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, stairs, and hallways – where most of the foot traffic happens – and, where my animals spend nearly all of their time.

The cord on this appliance is 35 feet long – so, I can vacuum up to 50 feet away from the outlet without changing the plug.  Even with an extraordinarily powerful motor, this Animal weights in at only 17.5 pounds!

Dyson Multifloor

I keep a Dyson Multifloor vacuum cleaner in my finished basement.  The suction is a bit less – but, still powerful – coming in at a very respectable suction power of 250AW.

With a 31 foot cord, I can reach areas up to 40 feet from the plugin point.  Being a shade over 15.5 pounds makes it a fairly light piece of equipment.

A great machine by any means!  With its futuristic design, it is easy to see why Dyson is leading the pack with their vacuum cleaners.  I’ve never had any other vacuum that was this easy to maneuver around and under furniture.  It turns the ugly chore of sucking up dirt off the floor into something I can almost look forward to!



You Can’t Go Wrong With A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner!

Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for!”

Dyson machines cost a bit more than the bargain basement brands – but, the quality and effectiveness is head and shoulders above the rest!  And, Dyson’s 5 year warranty lets you know they have the upmost confidence that their vacuum cleaners will give you years and years of trouble-free service!

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Besides, there are vacuum cleaners, like the Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner, that cost 2 or 3 times more – and, in my honest opinion – they can’t hold a candle to Dyson – there is absolutely no comparison!  Reports are that it doesn’t do well with dog hair.

The only attractions I have to the Miele Complete C3 are the 6 speed  variable speed motor operated by foot switch pedals and the LED headlamps that highlight unseen surface rubble.  In its defense, it is supposed to have a higher suction capacity – at 350AW – but, reviews are saying it doesn’t do well with dog hair – or even dust bunnies.

If I’m paying a grand or more for a vacuum cleaner, it should do a perfect cleanup job – each and every time!


If You’re In Love With A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner…

Then, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the way to go!

This machine has absolutely the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum cleaner on the market today!  It can run up to an hour on one battery charge – and can re-charge in about 3.5 hours.

Additionally, it can be converted into a handheld vacuum – making it an easy tool to clean the small crevices and corners in the house or in the car.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a very, very special machine!

And, That’s My Take…

Comment below or email me, noah@apathtoabetterlife.com, and tell me what you think.  What is your favorite vacuum cleaner – and why?



Lookin’ On The Lightside!

12 thoughts on “Dyson Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

  1. Henderson Reply

    You seem to have so much knowledge about the vacuum cleaner. For me, I just buy whatever I see is good and not too expensive. Well I’m glad that I found someone with so much experience running from a long time ago with this device. So, you say Dyson is a good vacuum for you, then definitely it is good for me too. Lol. Seriously though, I’m buying it only because you recommend it. Thank you for your review.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Henderson,

      As you can see by this Dyson post, I’ve been “through the mill” with a myriad of vacuum cleaners.  And, finally, I have come to the realization that Dyson is the answer to my floor care needs.

      Until the other vacuum cleaner manufacturers significantly improve their products, I will be a very loyal Dyson customer!


  2. Roland Reply

    Dyson vacuum cleaner seems to be the real deal since I have seen the recommendations from more than 5 sites that I visited today. The only problem was the rest were not as clinical in approach as you have given a detailed reason as to the reasons Dyson is the better one. I kind of need a great vacuum cleaner because I got tired of having to do the same thing almost four to five times before I could remove the dust. Thanks for this article and I’d surely check it out.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      You can’t go wrong with a Dyson!  You can take that to the bank!

      It’s just too nerve wracking to have to vacuum the same area over and over and over again.  We have better things to do with our time.  And, the few extra dollars that a Dyson costs will buy back that lost time – so, it truly makes using this fine vacuum cleaner a no-brainer!


  3. Chloe Reply

    Seem like what I have looked and marked not good seem to be the best. I’ve had some really bad vacuum cleaners and I just keep adding to the numbers because they are quite cheap and your description seems convincing. These cleaners don’t remove all the dirt and although I’ve heard of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, I had the feeling that they are just another expensive but non effective cleaner. Obviously I’m wrong here, I’ll just get it regardless of the cost. Thanks for this really nice article.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Chloe,

      I see that you have reached the ever humbling conclusion – “you get what you pay for” – which is driven home to all of us sooner or later.  It looks like it took a while for you to reach that conclusion – as it did for me.

      Welcome to the club!


  4. Gomer Reply

    I’m impressed and actually considering a purchase of this. We got here a situation wherein an adopted street dog is bringing in inside the house ticks, and these ticks threaten not only the imported Japanese dog we have inside our house but also humans, my family. So, to get rid of the ticks that like deep in the carpet, this is the solution that I am thinking.

    I’d like to ask, the previous vacuum cleaner that we have got different suction sizes. There are big sizes and also small sizes that can be used for sucking away dusts in my desktop computer. I still have the different sized suctions. Can I attach them to this Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Picking a Dyson vacuum cleaner is a step in the right direction – without a doubt!

      If there is any vacuum cleaner that can suck up ticks and fleas from carpet, it would be a Dyson.  I just haven’t seen any machine better for the job!

      If I understand you correctly, you want to use attachments from other brands of vacuum cleaners on your Dyson.  I doubt if that can happen.  But, it doesn’t hurt to keep them around and see if they can be attached.  I know I would try this experiment if other attachments were favorites of mine.


  5. Harber Reply

    Thank you for the awesome review & informative article  It helps everyone to choose the right gadget for their home. I bought ‘Dyson V10’, it was totally awesome. I know ‘Dyson V10’ is the best cordless vacuum on the market and has won ‘ BEST of 2019’ award. The larger dust bin allows us to clean longer without emptying the bin. I personally suggest everyone should try this product.

  6. Robert Trevor Reply

    Although I have never heard of this Dyson vacuum cleaner, it seems like something that I could make use of, around our house. And it has many features which I have never come across; the tremendous suction power and the self adjusting head, to mention but a few.

    I completely agree. I will not ever buy a cordless vacuum. In theory it seems nice not to have to find a plug point or getting the cord tangled up in something, but I certainly do not want to have to recharge the batteries every few minutes. It would take far too long to clean the house.

    And I have never liked retractable cords on a vacuum. As you say, the cords won’t retract or they get stuck and sometimes wraps around the handle.

    What is very novel and a great feature is this rolling ball system. I have always had problems getting into corners or under things, and this seems to be the answer. Also I like the flat out head tool that lets you get under furniture.  That is a good feature as well.

    The cord length of 35 feet is astonishing. The HEPA filters which trap allergens and bacteria, and the push button dirt disposal are very hygienic and attractive and are great features, which make me choose this machine.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Robert,

      It looks like I have a convert!

      My wife and I both love the rolling ball system!  It takes a little getting used to – but, once you use it, you don’t want to go back to the outmoded 4-wheel design that most vacuum cleaners have.  I still have a couple of Hoover vacuums but, I now only use them to clean out my vehicles because, they are very awkward to navigate around through the house and they can’t do the job completely and thoroughly!


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