Life Improvement Quizzes – A Way To Keep Folks Better Informed

We Learned A Lot In School By Taking Tests

Taking a test in school.

Throughout our schooling – from elementary – through middle and high schools – and colleges and tech schools –testing has been an effective way to not only gauge what we’ve learned – but also, to reinforce knowledge retention.

And, since the goal of A Path To A Better Life is to give everyone the ability to make permanent and positive changes in their life, I will be using this same valuable tool to help people bolster their ability to successfully make great improvements in their well being.

Therefore, after coming up on the first year anniversary of A Path To A Better Life, it is time to kick off Noah’s Life Improvement Quizzes.


What Will The Life Improvement Quizzes Cover?

Any article written in A Path To A Better Life is a candidate for questions.  Some of the subjects that will be covered – as listed – with explanations – in “About Noah” are:

Some questions will be humorous.

  • Careers
  • Different Points of View
  • Health
  • Humor
  • Nutrition
  • Organization
  • Pets
  • Recreation
  • Relationships
  • Stories
  • Supplemental Income


What Types Of Questions Will Be Asked?

Most questions will be "multiple choice."

The bulk of the questions will be “multiple choice” – and some will be true / false.  But, be careful – there may be some “gotcha” type questions – or, common sense type things asked that may appear in some article – that most folks will already know the answer to.

You may also see a bonus question tossed into the pile – just to give you a check on your mental acuity – and thinking processes.

Learning can be fun!

See how many correct answers you can get.  If you can accurately answer more than half, you’re doing well.

These quizzes are designed to give you a sense of confidence in your ability to “take charge” of your life.  But also, you may discover that there are some things that will give you pause and you’ll want to dig deeper.

Each question will have a direct link to its corresponding answer on the answer page.

I guarantee you will learn something new and exciting with each test you take!

Now, ain’t that going to be a lot of fun???

Press on and enjoy!


Year – 2020


April Quiz – This test is all about losing weight – as well as portion control devices that will help you in your weight loss efforts.  If you haven’t read the article, this will be a snapshot in time of the highlights – which may make you want to spend more time reading.


April Answers – A complete list of answers to all the questions in the March Quiz.  Some of the solutions may come as a complete and total shocker!


Comments And Emails

I’m always looking for feedback from my readers.  Either comment below or send me an email,, to let me know your thoughts!



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