Noah’s April 2020 Life Improvement Answers

April 2020 Life Improvement Answers

Here are the answers for the April 2020 Life Improvement Quiz.  Alternatively, you can browse the pages of A Path To A Better Life for a more thorough look into how you can improve your life!


Answer to Question #1

The question was:  In 2016, a study was done to determine the percentage of folks in America who are overweight.  What percentage of people in the U.S.A. did they forecast to be overweight this year – in 2020?  A) 10%, B) 30%, C) 50%, D) 75%, or E) 95%.

The correct answer is:

D) 75%

75% of Americans are overweight.

Isn’t that amazing?

Three out of every four residents in the United States are overweight – 75%!  It would be great if that number were at least less than half of the nation’s population – but, due to our increasing reliance – or dependency – or addiction – with fast foods, processed foods, and “comfort foods”, we just keep piling on the pounds!

God forbid that we ever reach 95% – or more – overweight U.S. citizens – but, if we continue to steer more and more away from home cooking that includes fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits – and opt for the quick convenience of take-out, delivery, drive-thru, all-you-can-eat buffet, and, even a dine-in restaurant – we will most certainly see a lot higher number of folks reaching the roly poly stage – without even looking back!


This answer is found in “Lose Weight Permanently – Go From Plump to Pleasing.”


Answer to Question #2

The question was:  Overweight children become overweight adults.  A) True or B) False.

The correct answer is:

A) True

Overweight kids become overweight adults.It’s sad to say that fat kids become fat adults – but, for the most part, it’s true.  Those who are trained to make poor food choices while they’re growing up will continue that trend at an even greater pace after they’ve left the nest.  Very few of them will escape the fat cycle propagation.

Did you know that 1 in 3 young people – both boys and girls – under the age of 20 are overweight?  That’s an alarming statistic!

That is why it is so vitally important for the youth of our country to get into the habit of exercising – and, making the right food choices – so that they can make the right decisions about what goes into their body when they become grownups!


This answer is found in “Lose Weight Permanently – Go From Plump to Pleasing.”


Answer to Question #3

The question was:  What percentage of dieters will regain the weight they’ve lost?  A) 10%, B) 30%, C) 50%, D) 75%, or E) 95%.

The correct answer is:

E) 95%

Many dieters lose weight and then gain it back.

Why in God’s name does this happen?

After all the hard work – keeping calorie intake low – exercising religiously – why do 95% of people regain the weight they’ve lost?

Maybe they had a tiring day.  Maybe they have a period of depression – or a life-changing event.  On the flip side of the coin, they could be celebrating something extraordinary.  These are all “valid” excuses in their mind to throw caution to the wind and ignore all that they’ve accomplished – to “reward” themselves in a “time of need.”

Some say, “It’s only one indiscretion.”  But, that one indiscretion leads to a second – then a third – and then – they’re off to the races – gorging their bodies – adding those pudgy pounds they painstakingly lost in the first place.


This answer is found in “Lose Weight Permanently – Go From Plump to Pleasing.”


Answer to Question #4

The question was:  Coming from a family of “fatties” makes a person pre-destined to experience the pudgy same fate.  A) True or B) False.

The correct answer is:

A) True

Junk food like cookies are not a healthy food for your body.

If someone is trained to believe that being overweight is the “new normal” – by being surrounded by relatives who are also overweight – they tend to continue the trend.

Also, since their elders apparently did not make good food choices, youngsters growing up in this type of environment do not learn how to discern which foods are more healthy and nutritional in sustaining their bodies.  Junk food junkies beget more junk food junkies – it’s a fact of life!

Some overweight folks can trace their fat problems to their heredity – “it’s all in your genes.” But, they are few and far between.  Rare as these cases are, even they can be turned around with the right mental attitude and adherence to eating more wholesome foods they can learn about through some minimal nutritional training.


This answer is found in “Lose Weight Permanently – Go From Plump to Pleasing.”


Answer to Question #5

The question was:  Having a good weight loss coach can significantly help spur a dieter along to success in losing weight.  The preferred choice for a weight loss coach is:  A) A highly paid – but successful – professional, B) The wife, husband, or significant other, C) A total stranger – or a casual acquaintance – if you can get one to volunteer for little or no money, D) A friend who has experience losing weight – over and over again, or E) None of the above.

The correct answer is:

B) The wife, husband, or significant other

Your spouse can be your best weight loss coach.

That person closest to you is in the best position to offer not only praise but also stern rebuke when necessary.  Plus, they are able to be on top of the situation since they are always around to actually see what goes into your mouth.  However, if your “other half” is constantly negative and not offering any positive encouragement, they may not be a good choice to be your weight loss coach.

Though a professional weight loss coach has probably “seen it all” – and can offer you suggestions on how to avoid food traps and binges – they are not privy to when you are cheating and sneaking snacks and junk food.  Working with them requires a measure of responsibility and commitment on your part to stick with the program and be honest about your eating habits.  Remember, if you go this route, you are paying for them to help you – and, they can’t help you if you sneak food behind their back.

Enlisting the help of a total stranger – or a casual acquaintance – is one of the poorest choices you can make.  Even if you are lucky enough to find one that agrees to help, do you think that they truly have your best interests at heart?  If you choose this type of weight loss coach, at least let it be a close and dear friend.

The poorest weight loss coach to have is one who has “successfully” lost weight – over and over again.  That means they lose the weight – then they gain it back – they lose it again – then gain it back – again.  And, emulating their so-called “success” – or lack thereof – should not be your goal.  If you’re going to go through all the pain and stress of losing weight, have someone around to help you keep it off permanently!


This answer is found in “Lose Weight Permanently – Go From Plump to Pleasing.”


Answer to Question #6

The question was:  Many weight loss experts say that portion control is just as important as counting calories.  So, what’s the best way to achieve it?  A) Measure everything you eat, B) Use Bento boxes, C) Let your weight loss coach make that decision for you, D) All the above, E) None of the above.

The correct answer is:

D) All the above

Though counting calories is supremely important, it is made easier if the portions of food you eat are controlled – for the most part.

Since our overeating instincts are to shovel more and more food down our gullet – remember the “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” syndrome – you have to at least measure everything you eat – to even get an idea of the number of calories you are consuming.

Bento boxes are a great way to achieve portion control because the sections in the containers allow you to add a variety of foods – just not too much of each course.  Besides, it can get a bit tiresome to get out the measuring cups and spoons each and every time you portion out your foods!

If your weight loss coach is – and, hopefully always was – slim and trim – they can be trusted to gauge your quantities of food.  They will approach the task by doling out to you the amount of food that they normally eat.  But, if that coach is a chubby cherub, they won’t probably make the best decisions on the amount of food you should limit yourself to.


This answer is found in “Lose Weight Permanently – Go From Plump to Pleasing.”


Answer to Question #7

The question was:  Exercise is fundamental to weight loss success.  This is a tried and true fact that everyone knows.  But, what if you have physical issues – like bad knees – or a bad back – and working out is too much of a dreaded and painful torture that your body can not endure?  What can you do?  A) Just stick with the diet and you’ll get there eventually, B) Get some braces to support your physical issues, C) Look for ways to exercise that won’t be painful, D) Both “B)” and “C)”, or E) None of the above.

The correct answer is:

D) Both “B)” and “C)”

You don't want a bunch of stretch mark when losing weight.

You might be able to shed the pounds without exercising.  But, what is your body going to look like if you don’t tone your muscles during the weight loss process?

After losing 20 or 30 pounds, the fat will be disappearing – but, the skin will begin to sag and droop – and your body will look worse than it did when you were heavier.  Skin stretches easily to accommodate the additional volume of body fat but, it doesn’t easily shrink as you lose weight – especially, if you’re not a “spring chicken” anymore.

Young people with more collagen in their epidermis will bounce back easier.  However, it still takes time for the skin to shrink even a little bit.

And, don’t forget the stretch marks – those are ugly and won’t go away completely.  Exercise will mitigate them to some extent.

Skin is not like a rubber band.

You have to exercise.

Bad knees?  Get knee braces.

Bad back?  Get a back brace.

Wear the braces and get to walking – starting off with short distances and slowly increasing distance, duration, and speed over time.  The key is to “slowly” increase your routine.  Push yourself just enough to know that you’ve exerted yourself – but, not enough to injure yourself further.  Over time, it gets easier.  As the old saying goes, “Just do it!”

Always keep looking for ways to exercise the different parts of your body in the least stressful way possible – while still getting your heart rate up and strengthening your muscles.

Sometimes treadmills or stationary bicycles – like the 3G Cardio Elite – or the Sole R92 – can be the best answer to get the workout you need.  It’s worth a thought or two…


This answer is found in “Lose Weight Permanently – Go From Plump to Pleasing.”


Answer to Question #8

The question was:  The Japanese lunch container is called a “Bento box.”  What does “Bento” mean in Japanese?  A) The Bento box is named after the inventor – Bento-san, B) “Bento” means “convenient” –as related to an individually portioned meal placed into a box containing several compartments, C) This is the Japanese name for the lunch boxes that are used by both adults and school children, D) Both “A)” and “C)”, E) Both “B)” and “C)”, or F) None of the above.

The correct answer is:

E) Both “B)” and “C)”

Japanese children carry Bento boxes to school.

The Bento box was first used in the sixteenth century by a Japanese military commander, Oda Nobunaga, to feed simple meals to his people – so, the inventor “Bento-san” is a made up name that I used in jest.

Bento actually means “convenient” – individually portioned meals placed in a box with 3 to 5 compartments.  And a Bento box is basically a Japanese lunch box that adults carry to work and children carry to school.

Nevertheless, these boxes are excellent tools to keep portion sizes small – preventing the voracious, overweight food-aholic from going overboard with the amount of food they would most happily and mindlessly consume – if given the opportunity.


This answer is found in “Bento Box Reviews.”


Answer to Question #9

The question was:  Bento boxes are completely leak proof.  A) True or B) False.

The correct answer is:

B) FalseDisposable plastic cups for Bento boxes.

Most Bento boxes are leak proof – but some aren’t.

So, it’s a good idea to keep some small, inexpensive, disposable plastic cups on hand for items containing liquid ingredients.  These cups can come in different sizes – depending on whether they are needed for condiments or for soups and stews.


This answer is found in “Bento Box Reviews.”


Answer to Question #10

The question was:  Bento boxes are surprisingly simple to clean.  Just pop them in the dishwasher – and that’s all there is to it!  A) True or B) False.

The correct answer is:

B) False

Use a toothbrush to clean the Bento box crevices where food can hide.

Sure, you can wash them in the dishwasher – but, Bento boxes must be “pre-cleaned” first to get rid of any bits of food that will get stuck in the corners of the compartments.  And, when they are placed in the dishwasher, use the top shelf only – for Bento boxes made out of plastic or wood.

TIP:  Along with warm, soapy water, a toothbrush is a handy, essential tool for cleaning the Bento box crevices when removing food residue.


This answer is found in “Bento Box Reviews.”



The question was:  

I was downtown the other day to see my accountant – whose office is in a high-rise office building.

I stepped into the elevator on the ground floor, along with 3 other people.  On the first floor, two people got off the elevator and three people got in.  When we reached the second floor, three people got off the elevator and eight people got in.  When the elevator reached the tenth floor, no one got out – but, six more people got in.

Upon ascending to the next floor, the elevator’s cable snapped – and, it fell – crashing disastrously into the ground floor.  Everyone else died in the elevator accident.  But, I survived!

How did I survive???

The correct answer is:Luckily, my accountant was on the second floor - so I pushed "2."

Simple – Luckily, I got out of the elevator on the second floor – where my accountant’s office was located!

Whew!  That was a close one!!!  Next time, I’ll take the stairs!


Hope you enjoyed these answers to questions based on A Path To A Better Life.

Comment or email me –  Feedback is always welcome!



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