Slow Down And Experience Life

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Slow Down!  You Move Too Fast!

You got to make the morning last!  A great “slow down” lesson can be learned by heeding these words.  Simon and Garfunkel said it best in “The 59th Street Bridge Song.”

Simon and Garfunkel’s Complete Albums CollectionAll of Simon and Garfunkel’s albums are rife with songs geared towards pursuing life slow and easy – taking things step by step.  There is not a song they sing that doesn’t offer ways to put our life at ease.  And, their Complete Albums Collection is a great buy that can help us – and everyone we know – to add some serenity and solace in our everyday existence.

It’s amazing how much of life passes us by when we are in a hurry to get anywhere – and everywhere.  Why is that?

Are we so impatient that we think we are losing out on life if we don’t try to save a few paltry seconds – or miniscule minutes – when performing activities?

Living life is more important than saving time.

Isn’t it actually more probable that by rushing through everything we do that we will actually be missing out on subtle, precious moments that life has to offer?

Which is a the better choice – saving time – or, preventing life from passing us by???  I choose not letting life get lost in the vacuum of time!


The Hurrier You Are – The Behinder You Get

Slow down and enjoy life!

Many people think that the White Rabbit said this in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.”  Actually, I’m not sure who said it first – but, it is – oh, so true!

How many times have we rushed through a task – to finish quickly – and discovered that we did something wrong and had to do it all over again?

The chore ends up taking twice as long – because we didn’t stop to think about what we were doing.

If only we had taken the time to plan out the best and most efficiently detailed way to reach a mistake-free conclusion.  Oh well – hindsight is 20/20!


The Inconsistencies Of Youth

Young people always seem to be in a hurry.  It is almost an insurmountable task for them to slow down.  They want everything NOW – not 5 minutes from now!

Drive within the speed limit.

I know – I was once one of them.  I used to push the speed limits on the highway.  If the speed limit was 65 mph, I drove at least 75 mph.  And, if anyone was driving slower than me, I became frustrated.

Predictably, those “Sunday drivers” – who were just trippin’ along at what I considered a snail’s pace – were older, more mature drivers – retirees for the most part.  I would shake my head and speed past them.  But, on down the road – a short distance away – was always another one doing the same thing!  How frustrating was that?

What I didn’t realize at the time was that those “Sunday drivers” were the smart ones – and I was the brainless young buck – still wet behind the ears – who was creating anxiety in his own self while the slower folks stayed much more relaxed.

Slow down and enjoy the view.

The bottom line?  More often than not, I never saved more than a few minutes of time.  Was it worth it?  I think not!  Especially since common sense tells me how easily it is for mistakes to happen when speed is the main criteria.

Better to start a little earlier – take it easy – enjoy the view – and still make my appointments on time – in a more relaxed manner – without the threat of accidents or breakdown.  This is a good rule to follow – no matter whether you’re behind the wheel of a car – or, if you are trying to finish a chore.

It takes a few decades of mature self reflection for most of us to finally come to the conclusion that life will be longer and much more enjoyable if we take time to smell the roses – and appreciate the trees in the forest!


Tips For Slowing Down


Don’t keep a zillion-and-one things on your plate.

Use a calendar to schedule enough time for appointments and tasks.

  • Prioritize and center your attention on one or two of the most important things – and data-dump everything else.
  • Allow more time to get to any scheduled appointments. The same goes for chores – do them in a more careful, methodical way.
  • Think about what you’re doing – while you’re doing it. Don’t think about what happened yesterday – or last week – this can be saved for periods of restful reflection.  Keep your mind on the task at hand.  Be aware of everything and everyone around you at the moment.


Sign-off from the world!Shut off the smart phone and give it a rest.

In this modern age of super-charged technology, it can be difficult to “hang up the phone.”  But, it needs to be done periodically.  In other words, get off that iPhone or computer.  You don’t need to be attached to that umbilical cord 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

And, for God’s sake, don’t text and drive at the same time!  That is out-and-out dangerous!


Re-connect with people!

Spend more time getting to know people face to face.

When you’re with someone, make them the center of attention.  Don’t be thinking about tomorrow’s menu or office meeting.  Tuning in to them will help you tune in more to yourself.


Smell the roses!Stop and smell the roses!

Take the time to really, really look at – and appreciate – a flower – or, a tree – or, the wildlife – that our natural world has in such great abundance.  Soon, you will come to recognize the value in your surroundings that you never fathomed before.


Don’t eat so fast.

We tend to stuff our mouths with food – chew it a few times – swallow much of it in chunks that should be more thoroughly broken up – and then immediately jam another couple of spoonfuls in – starting the process over again.

We get to this point because we are always in a hurry with everything else – so, why should eating be any different.In large families, we learn to eat too fast just to get some food!

Growing up in a large family can cause fast eating habits – because, we want to get “our share” before it’s taken by one of our siblings.

But, to truly enjoy nourishment, it behooves us to chew more slowly – chomp more times – releasing much more flavor from the meal.  Our taste buds thank us.  The added benefit is that we will get full much faster – and eat less food – consequently avoiding additional undesirable weight gain.


Stay calm and relaxed behind the wheel.

Slow down and make driving fun!

As I said earlier, young people tend to recklessly speed down the road when they are driving.  But, many older, more mature adults are guilty of this practice, too.  Save your sanity – help prevent accidents – lower your stress – and, stick to the speed limit – or, even slightly below.  You’ll have a much higher chance of reaching your destination – taking only a few, paltry minutes more.

Big deal!

You’ll have enjoyed the ride, you’ll be more relaxed – PLUS you will save on gasoline as well as wear and tear on your vehicle!


Look for creative ways to find pleasure in everything.

There are some undertakings in life that we just hate – I mean HATE – actually H-A-T-E – to do!  But, if we use our imagination – our inventiveness – and look for even a teeny bit of enjoyment we can derive from it, wouldn’t it make those responsibilities much easier to endure?

Mpow Bluetooth headphones

Let’s say we are charged with vacuuming the house.  Now, personally, I hate this chore.  But, I put on my Bluetooth headphones – with my favorite music – and dance my way through the house leaving the telltale vacuum patterns as evenly as possible throughout.

Maybe that’s a little crazy, but, I no longer despise the job – as long as my trusty headphones are working.  I am definitely overly fond of my Mpow Bluetooth headphones.  They are a great partner in my war against nasty duties I have to perform – and, they stay easily connected to my laptop no matter where I am in the home.


Stop multi-tasking!

Don't try to do too many things at once. One thing at a time is best.

We’ve all heard, “take it one step at a time.”  That’s good advice.  So, “take it one task at a time.”  Do a good job completing it.  Then, move on to the next thing on the list.



Take deep breaths - in - out - slow and easy.

When we feel the stress and anxiety building up inside – a natural result of the modern times we live in – we just need to stop and take a really deep breath.  Take it in slowly – let it out slowly.  Then do it again – and again – and again.  Take note to feel that refreshing air entering the lungs – feeling the lungs expand – and, finally, feeling them contract as air is slowly expelled.

There – now, wasn’t that peaceful and soothing?  In all honesty, doesn’t that offer a genuinely calm feeling?


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Last WordSlow down for a calm life!

So, I guess – now – I’ve become that “Sunday driver!”  I don’t want my life to move at such a lightning fast pace that it passes me by.

Hopefully, you will give some of my “Tips For Slowing Down” a try.  You’d be surprised what you can actually accomplish!

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10 thoughts on “Slow Down And Experience Life

  1. Daniel Reply

    Hello Noah, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. We are always in some hurry which leads that we forget on us and forget to live life. I look from my own experience, kids, job, wife, there is time for everything but we don’t know to control our time. Thank you a lot for sharing such an inspirational article, it definitely made me think about my life.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Being in a hurry gets us nowhere – FAST!  Wise advice I received a long time ago. 

      We need to slow down to really experience our life and the lives of those around us!


  2. Jen Reply

    Thank you for this article. Last week I had started some new business activities and I was really frantic and rushing a lot. This week I know the saying that I’m naturally slowing down a bit and I think that’s a good thing. Your advice about not putting too much on your plate is good advice. I try to avoid over scheduling because I used to over schedule a lot and that always made me Rush. Not a fun way to live. Since then I have gotten a lot more patient with other people and also a lot calmer when I drive. This is a good article and I hope that more people read it and take it to heart. Take care!

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Patience and calm are virtues that we should all aspire to.  Good for you!


  3. AJ Reply

    Thank you for this post! I couldn’t agree more! I actually see myself doing this. I tend to act on everything fast and most of the time I forget to cherish the moments and enjoy life.

    I like it when you said “Save your sanity – help prevent accidents – lower your stress – and, stick to the speed limit” I will definitely stick to the speed limit from now on. Thank you for sharing this, it made me realize many things! Cheers!

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Glad it helped you to realize that speed isn’t everything.  It’s just a tool – and, you only break the glass and use it for emergencies – not for normal everyday activities.


  4. RoDarrick Reply

    Wow! This is an insight into what really matters in life and giving much more priority and dedicating more time into doing the right thing rather than just whisking away with everything. This is a wake up call to everyone of us to realise that life ends even before we begin it and as such, it is always great when we enjoy every moment that we are part of. The part that I will work on more is to prioritise people more than just gadgets. Playing more with friends, creating memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Thanks

    • Noah Post authorReply

      You got it right!  People should always be a more important part of your life than anything else.  Put those gadgets on a shelf and get face-to-face with the folks you care about!


  5. Jordan Smith Reply

    Lovely article! I agree with the point Prioritizing and focusing your attention on one or two of the most important things; One of the very hardest parts about being a 20-30-something is the pull between having a successful career and a personal life. When job demands start stacking up, that is when I find time to be moving quicker than I would want.

    Awesome read.


    • Noah Post authorReply

      Glad you were able to use this discussion to help you prioritize.  Makes it all worthwhile for me – having folks get a few pointers from it!


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