Sole R92 Recumbent Bike Review

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike Is The Best In Its Class!

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike

When you want to take a bike ride in the comfort of your own home, then, the Sole R92 Recumbent Bike should be sitting right there – waiting for you!

Reviews averaging 4.6 out of 5.0 are highly complimentary – offering exuberantly flattering praise.

Only one review was less than the perfect 5.0 rating and, I’m not sure why this lone person rated the Sole R92 so low – at a 1.0 rating.  Because everything this person said about the bike was extremely positive.  The only gripe they seemed to have was cost – even though Sole Fitness just recently lowered the price by almost half! And, considering all the bells and whistles, this exercise bike was a bargain even before the price tag dropped.

Recumbent exercise bikes will give you a complete workout that is gentle to your knees, feet, and joints – without the occasional, painful muscle pulls associated with riding a bike on the street.  Plus, it is worry free.  There is no need to fret about dodging cars and people while pedaling down the road.  And, the weather doesn’t dictate your work out schedule.


Bells And Whistles – Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty

So, what does the Sole R92 have to offer?

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike - 10 pre-set programs

Pre-set Programs – There are ten of them – more than you will ever use.

ECB Resistance Levels – There are 20 different resistance settings that quietly allow the flywheel to create for you more or less ExerCise Bike pressure for your pedaling.  The pedals have a slight inward lean – 2 degrees – to protect against injury and soreness to knees and feet.

LCD Display – It’s big enough that I don’t need get up close and personal – or, get my reading glasses to read even the smallest digital data numbers.

Data Monitoring – Records and displays all the necessary workout numbers – time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate, ECB resistance, etc.

Automatic Turnoff – A great feature that shuts off the bike automatically if it is not being used for 30 minutes.  This facet does not come as a “default”, however, so, you have to activate it yourself.

Chest Strap – The strap wirelessly monitors your body’s reaction to exercising – in real time – and accurately records heart rate as it rises and falls.  Even though this is a great perk, personally, I don’t use it.  The handlebar grips accomplish the same task – and, since I’m holding on to them anyway during the exercise period, I can see my numbers recorded accurately on the LCD display.

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike - comfy seat and strong frame

Padded Seat – Adjustable to 12 different positions which is enough to accommodate any sized human – from 5’ 0” to 6’ 4” tall.  Add in the padded backrest, and this bike is so comfortable to sit on that you could take a nap on it!

Petite Footprint – Covering an area of less than 12 square feet, the Sole R92 is only 30 inches wide and 57 inches long.  It fits just about anywhere in the house that you choose!

Lightweight – At 152 pounds, this bike can be moved around – with its front mounted transport wheels.  But, I suggest finding it a permanent spot where it won’t be necessary to muscle it into another area too often.  It is also amazingly stable for its diminutive size and weight – and won’t bounce around while you’re enjoying a ride – even if your weight is topping out at the maximum weight limit for the machine – 300 pounds.

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike - built-in speakers and fan

Bluetooth Enabled – Connect wirelessly – and transfer your workout information to your Smartphone – or, plug in and listen to your favorite tunes through the built-in speakers.

Fans – This built-in fan go a long way to keeping you cooled down.  It is sufficient for most folks – but, I normally add an extra clip-on fan – or two – for additional air flow.  I’m hot natured – after all.

Easy Assembly – Plan on spending no more than a couple of hours to put this bike together.  This is a pretty simple process if you follow the instructions.  But, if you don’t know which end of a wrench to use – or the difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a socket set – you should unquestionably opt for “expert assembly” at a nominal additional charge.

Great Warranties – The R92 has a lifetime warranty on the heavy duty steel frame – 5 years on parts and electronics – and 2 years on labor.


Scuttlebutt From Happy Owners

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike is a good buy!

“The Sole R92 is very quiet,  smooth and rock steady.”

“This is everything I ever wanted in a stationary exercise bike!  I love the large display!”

“At first, I balked when I saw the price.  But, I’m so glad I went ahead and bought it.  This bike is worth every penny!”

“The recumbent seat is great.  So comfortable and easy to adjust.”

“I was surprised at how little space this recumbent bike took up.  I can even move it out of the way very easily when I vacuum.”

“This R92 bike is as good – or better – than the ones I use at my fitness center.  Now, I spend so much more time at home working out that I may cancel my gym membership.”

“I looked at a lot of high-end exercise bikes before I made this purchase.  I’m so happy that I chose the best one!”


You Can’t Do Better Than This

Make the right choice.  When in doubt, go the right route – and take a chance on the Sole R92 Recumbent Bike.  It’s not a gamble – it’s a sure thing!

What do you think of this bike?  I gotta tell ya – I L-O-V-E it.  What a great way to tone my body while getting healthier and more energetic!

Write a comment or send me an email – – if you have some words of wisdom to toss in – or if you have a question.



Lookin’ on the Lightside

12 thoughts on “Sole R92 Recumbent Bike Review

  1. Shanta Rahman Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I am very aware of health and I exercise regularly. But for a long time I was wondering how I could do my exercise by riding a bike at home. Then your article caught my eye and I was happy to see a bike I could be happy with. I would definitely buy the Sole R92 Recumbent Bike and use it to do regular exercise to keep my body fit. I hope I get good results. I’ve heard about this bike before, and since then I’ve had a great desire to ride it. I am keeping your article to give it to my friends.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Shanta,

      Glad to see you’ve found the “in-house exercise bike of your dreams.”

      I hope it helps you attain the level of physical fitness you desire.


  2. Rhain Reply

    Having heard about the sole r92 recumbent bike a few times before now, I just had to check for myself to see what the hype was all about. But after reading this, it is relatively easy to understand why it has an almost perfect review score. It is clearly a deserved hype. The feature that is the most interesting to me is the ECB resistance levels. 

    This has been really informative. Thanks for sharing 

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Rhain,

      The Sole R92 Recumbent Bike is truly a smart purchase for anyone dedicated to keeping their fitness level at a high standard.

      There are so many perks that go along with this machine that it really boggles the mind!


  3. arzu hosan Reply

    Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article. My dad has pain in his legs and he sometimes has a lot of pain in his ankles so I wanted my dad to exercise without suffering. My father had to go to the gym regularly for exercise which made it more difficult so I wanted an exercise machine so my father could exercise from home. When I read your article, I realized that this is exactly the kind of bike he needs so he doesn’t have to make a trip to the gym every time he wants to exercise.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Well, this bike – with its special ergonomic features should help your dad exercise without stressing his legs or his ankles.

      Let me know how it works for him!


  4. Parveen Reply

    Hey, I enjoy while reading your article that Sole R92 Recumbent Is The Best In Its Class. Your review is very helpful for everyone. Sole R92 is very quiet,  smooth and rock steady. I found that the recumbent seat is great.  So comfortable and easy to adjust for everyone. Now I am also planning to buy Solo R92. Your review helped me a lot.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      I think you’ve made a good choice – if you’re looking for just about the best recumbent bike available.  The Sole R92 Recumbent bike will do you proud!


  5. Edgar Ahimbe Reply

    The Sole R92 Recumbent Bike is not only unique but has positive reviews. Based on its display and unique design, it is what I would wish to have in my house for regular workouts. The review of this product has made me have a strong desire to dispose of the one I currently have.

    I like the fact that my data can easily be stored and I can easily monitor my workouts and health.
    I have to put this item in my cart and work towards buying it before the end of the month.
    Thank you for recommending this item.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      You will not be sorry to replace your old recumbent bike with the Sole R92.  It is definitely an upgrade to just about any other one you may have!


  6. MrBiizy Reply

    Hello Noah. Nice to see you share this review of Sole R92 Recumbent Bike. Bikes are a great way for perfect and effective workouts. This bike makes the whole stuff easy and without stress ensuring maximum efficiency and good results. Considering the awesome rating by users, this bike is the perfect choice. I love the nice features. Well, it’s expensive because it’s the best! That’s what I think.


    • Noah Post authorReply

      The Sole R92 is the best – that’s for sure!  It takes your workout to a whole new level.  I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy it once you start using it!


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