The Makings Of A Great Weight Loss Coach

To Be A First-Class Weight Loss Coach, It All Boils Down To Just One Thing

Weight loss coaches must make the right choices.

Choices…  But, not just any choices – it needs to be the right choices.  The ability of a good weight loss coach is to differentiate between good choices and bad choices.  This is the rock hard foundation that props up a successful weight loss regimen – whether you are coaching yourself – or, a close family member or friend is coaching you.

And, that coach must be able to communicate, persuade, cajole, convince, and spur their team member in the right direction to achieve lasting and measurable results.A professional "bought and paid for" weight loss coach.

Of course, within “choices”, there are numerous offshoots worthy of consideration.

I strongly suggest staying away from “bought and paid for” coaches.  Typically, they will only give you what you pay for – since they are basically in it for the money.  It may be rude of me to say so – since there are exceptions – but, for the most part, it’s a well known fact.

If you are your own coach – or have a close compadre who volunteers for the assignment – the coaching will come from the heart and be more effective – making this the most viable option.


A Coach Must Be Consistent And Firm – Yet Fair

Small, measurable goals are the backbone of any program – be it weight loss – or any other endeavor.  If goals for losing weight are unrealistic, the path to a slimmer life will never be trod upon.  Permanently losing weight will never happen – not in your wildest dreams!

Foodaholics can be whiners and complainers just like babies.

When the food addict whines and complains, coaching involves a “no nonsense” attitude – firmly strengthening their resolve to “stick to the program” that has been designed to reach their weight loss goals.  And, it’s all about setting, following, and achieving practical goals.  If you are your own coach, it’s time to look in the mirror – deep into your own eyes – and say, “Suck it up, buttercup!  Stick to the program!”

When the addict falls off the horse and has a misstep in their journey to a slimmer life, they need a compassionate – but firm – coach.  One who will show understanding – and deliver the message that “no one is perfect.”  The coach must also be firm and coax the foodaholic to get back on that horse once again – as soon as possible.  Because, if they call it quits and go back to their old life style, they will just pack on more pounds – and, every small goal they have achieved will be “all for naught.”  At this point, it is always a great time to review the reasons to shed that excess baggage – better health – better appearance – better attitude – more self-confidence – and a higher self esteem.


Food Is Not The Focus

A pot luck dinner - lots of delicious high calorie food.

People bond over food – and that bonding is a natural and enjoyable event for all of us.

From romantic dinners – to “pot luck” group gatherings where everyone brings one of their own special high calorie foods – we all like to come together and experience camaraderie at the table.  We worship at the food altar – which quickly becomes the “fools altar” for those poor individuals who struggle with managing their weight.

The good coach – or mentor – should examine this trap thoroughly – and help to identify unique avenues for their overweight charges that allow them to bond in ways or events that do not include food as a central theme of coming together.

Go shopping at a mall to take your mind off food.

They could:

  • Join a hobby club, a fitness gym, an amateur softball team.
  • Take some classes to expand their horizons. There could be college subject of interest, dance classes, karate classes, etc.
  • Or, jeez – why not just go shopping for God’s sake? They don’t have to buy anything – just get away from using food as a comfort tool!


WARNINGWarning! Stay away from weight loss groups.

Stay away from weight watcher groups – these mostly roly poly people tend to enjoy reminiscing about the foods they can’t eat – and joke about ways to cheat and eat food they shouldn’t be eating – in quantities that defeat their purpose of getting thinner.  It happens all the time.  99.999% of these poor folks are yo-yo dieters – and, mostly, extra plump and pudgy.  Any individual who wants PERMANENT weight loss must seek out others who are like-minded.  Try to find folks who have been successful – not ones who continually fail and fall backwards.

But, whatever the “non food” answers are – everyone’s situation is unique – and specific solutions must be mutually agreed upon – and welcomed – by both the coach and their directly involved, massively overweight subject.


Always Be On Guard

Guard against weight loss naysayers.

Expose any and all negativity that rears its ugly head!

Anybody who has ever tried to change their overweight status – aiming to become a slimmed down version of themselves will always come into contact with relatives, friends, and acquaintances who will knowingly or unknowingly try to undermine their efforts.  Such a demoralizing act could be due to jealousy, lack of respect, or even an altruistic honest opinion by others that such lofty goals are beyond reach.  And, the naysayers probably won’t even realize that they are engaging in sabotage.

Fatties trying to thin down will hear opinions designed to disrupt their weight loss efforts – that seem to make sense in the heat of the moment – and, if they have no effective intelligent rebuttal, they may give in to temptation.  Then, off the wagon they go!  They have been cut off at the knees!

As an effective coach, you have to nip this in the bud.  Work as a partner with the individual you are helping to lose weight – and, together, come up with some responses to negative comments that may routinely occur.




“Just a small slice of cake won’t hurt you.”


“But, a small slice here – and a small slice there – builds up over time to a whole lot of extra, empty calories that I don’t need!”



“How many times have you tried to lose weight in the past?  And you always failed.  What makes you think that this time will be any different?”


“Because I am different.  I’ve reached a point of no return.  And, I’m going to lose these extra pounds – with or without your help – thank you very much!”


CommentDon't throw a monkey wrench into anyone's weight loss plan.

“You’ve lost enough weight to be able to go to the buffet with me.  One time won’t hurt you.”


“One time WILL hurt me!  Do you want to hurt me?  If not, I’d appreciate if you didn’t throw a monkey wrench into my weight loss world!”



“You look beautiful just the way you are.”


“Then, if I lose the weight, I will look MORE beautiful – don’t you think?”



“I think you were much happier being fat.”


“I think that your thinking is wrong.  Could you be the one who is happier with me being fat?  That’s what I think.”


CommentA "big boned" wooly mammoth.

“You’re not fat.  You’re just big boned.”


“Apparently, you need an anatomy lesson.  Bones don’t flop around – push against my clothes which are too tight –  and split the seams of my pants.  Only fat does that.  I wanna have a little wiggle room in my clothes when I move around – just like you.  Anyway – if bones are actually this big, I must have been born a wooly mammoth!”


These responses are just examples and may not work in other unique situations.  So, let your creativity run wild.  Try to come up with some lighthearted rebuttals to all these types of comments – that attempt to detour from the weight loss program goals!


Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is among many virtues that are always in season.

And, it goes hand in hand with other positive traits such as being happy, gentle, kind, faithful, loving, generous, peaceful – and having self-control.

Having endurance and persistence are both key components in keeping everything on track – especially when the food addict rashly complains that, even though they are sticking to the weight loss plan, they are not losing weight – and may have even gained a pound or two.

It’s time to calm down the situation and reinforce the idea of “staying power.”  Explain that losing weight is like life in general – there are ups – and, there are downs.  But, the important thing is for them to continue to believe in themselves and know that being a “slim jim” is within their grasp – as long as they keep at it – day after day after day.  This would be a good time to review their weight loss record to remind them of their successes.


Finally, A Goal For The Coach

The final goal - delegate the coaching responsibility to the person losing weight.

Delegate coaching responsibilities to the “weight watcher.”  The long term quest of a great coach is to prep the person losing weight to eventually become their own coach – if they are not already.  Long term, permanent weight loss can only be achieved if the person who lost weight can successfully take control of their own fate – and not backslide.  Then they will truly stay on A Path To A Better Life.


Now, Get To Coaching!

Let all these ideas sink in – and then get out there and be the best coach you can be – whether you are coaching yourself to achieve Permanent Weight Loss – or, coaching someone else.

The overlying affirmation is to believe in the principles and goals set forth – and create a successful campaign to drop those dastardly pounds of floppy flab – and then to stand your ground and not back down from them!

I would love to hear thoughts on any other traits that might help make a better and more effective coach!  Comment or email me – – please!



Lookin’ on the lightside!

8 thoughts on “The Makings Of A Great Weight Loss Coach

  1. Sub Reply

    This write-up about the weight loss is excellent. The points have been clearly brought out that achieving weight loss is not a just simple task but it should be undertaken within the supervision and guidance of some expert. Without an expert’s guidance, dieting or restricted diet may cause some sort of deficiency in body which can cause serious illness to the body. For example, loss of Vitamin B12 can cause serious imbalances in body being a very small nutrient in food. But it is very important to maintain certain level of B12. The website excellently mentions the importance and ways to achieve weight loss.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      My hope is that readers looking for achievable permanent weight loss will benefit from choosing the right weight loss coach to boost them in the right direction.


  2. Matthew Reply

    This has to be the hardest job in the world surely?

    Trying to get people to lose weight that clearly would rather be sitting down to a huge piece of chocolate cake!

    I’m not quite sure I could do this weight-loss coaching job myself as its hard enough trying to help my wife with her diet.

    Hungry people get so grumpy, don’t they? Lol

    You give some very useful tips about being a weight-loss coach but I’m still not convinced that I have the nerves to go through with it and tell people what to eat and what exercises they have to do in an authoritative way.

    Are there any courses that you have to go on to be a coach or can anybody just do it?

    • Noah Post authorReply

      Hi Matthew,

      If your wife is serious about losing weight and keeping it off, she should commit to you being the coach that you need to be – to help her in her quest.

      There are plenty of courses out there – but, effective coaching starts with total acceptance by the one that must lose weight – and continues with that coach being supportive and unyielding throughout the process until the goals are reached.


  3. Pentrental Reply

    The right choices, definitely! I’m very glad to see this post and you’ve done such a nice job with it. Communication is key here and I really like the other verbs you used as well, cajole and spur. Being your own coach or finding a volunteer is great advice as there is no money motivation, just the will to set realistic goals and achieve. Achievable goals, no nonsense, compassion, patience, all keys to success. These ideas definitely will sink in and I appreciate your thorough efforts here, well done!

    • Noah Post authorReply

      I just hope that anyone wanting to reach their goals for losing weight are receptive to their designated coaches efforts to help and prod them on to becoming a successful skinny person.


  4. supportcme Reply

    Nice article, I really love it and the comment and response section is the best part.

    This article gave me hope towards weight loss because I also tried a lot to lose fat and every time I failed. I also made same excuses as you show in the comments and gave up and this article definitely motivated me to lose weight.

    Thank you for sharing such useful and motivational information. Good job, keep on going.

    • Noah Post authorReply

      I’m glad that I have been able to add some motivation to your quest to lose weight.  Good luck – and let me know about your progress!


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